What is a Hologram?

Holographic technology is now so advanced that it is being applied to the enhancement of mental, emotional and physical health, anti-aging, protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation and many other elements designed to improve the quality of human life.

What is a Holographic Disc?

Scientists have discovered amazingly advanced methods for encoding life-enhancing signals into “peel and stick” Holographic Discs that are as small as a quarter and as thin as a piece of “press and seal” plastic wrap. Simply “peel and stick” a disc onto your skin in a place that corresponds to a specific acupuncture point, and you will immediately begin to realize the benefits as the specific life-enhancing signals are naturally transmitted via the energy meridian pathways in your body.

NOTE: Prior to the discovery that new holographic media can be stimulated in a natural manner via the energy meridians of the human body, holograms were activated via external influences, such as spectral light, lasers, etc.

Health Discs:

The predicted direction of influence in helping the body cope with, and counterbalance, the effect of our toxic environment is in the energy medicine area. The area of energy medicine that could move to the forefront in treatment as realization drugs and chemicals are not the solution to health is resonant signaling delivery devices.

Acupuncture is a natural globally accepted area of use with holographic signaling. Placement of holographic disc on acupuncture points allows stimulation for an extended period of time in balancing meridians in the body. The holographic energetic effect comes from signaling through the energy field of the body and also from temperature differentials from outside the holograms to under the holograms over the acupuncture points. Temperature changes are known to create activation of acupuncture meridians and by using holograms the period of activation can be extended for days instead of minutes from needles.

The Health Disc is the first product to arise from the new field of electrogenetics, which studies and describes the energy requirements, energy exchanges and electrical properties that facilitate DNA signaling and communication within our cells. While an in-depth explanation involves interactions that bridge the fields of chemistry, physics and biology, the mechanism of action can also be explained in more common physiological terms — the Health Disc signals directly lead to a significant enhancement in the functioning of your cells‟ primary “energy factories,” the mitochondria. The net effects of these signals allow Health Disc users to experience the benefits listed below.

  • Provide superior antioxidant and free radical protection
  • Offer fast acting, immediate absorption for quick results
  • Enhance quality of life by supporting energy production at the cellular level
  • Support pH balance, leading to improved oxygenation of cells and tissues
  • Provide support to those with compromised immune systems
  • Promote health by increasing the zeta potential in the cells, causing a healthy separation of blood cells for better absorption of nutrients.

Testing the body’s reaction to the holographic signal has been extensive and has been done by blood testing, thermal imaging and by several different technologies of surface scanning of the skin and fluids of the body. Here is an example of Baseline testing before using a cell phone. This shows the body’s reaction to the cell phone signals and the body’s reaction after adding a Protect Holographic disc to the cell phone and placing on the body.

Holographic_cellphone proctection

Holographic Disc available:


  1. Deep, Relaxing Sleep
  2. No Drugs
  3. Not Addictive
  4. Wake up Refreshed and Energized


  1. Protection from Electro-polluting devices…Cell Phones, WiFi , iPods, PDAs, etc.