PEMF technology = EMF Safe


Delivers beneficial healthy frequencies without the dangers of negative EMF.

PEMF devices uses electricity to generate Pulse frequencies and also eliminates the risks of a high EMF (electro mgnetic field) that comes with the use of electrical devices. The PEMF  contains a special patented wire that neutralizes the EMF of the electricity. The EMF emitted is in the same low gauss range as that of the earth that penetrate deeply into the body to increases and strengthens circulation without causing any stress on the system.


PEMF technologies mimics the earth magnetic field in frequencies and intensities uses a saw tooth waveform for the whole body mat, this technology delivers a frequency range from 0.5 Hz to 28 Hz including harmonics. In essence the body is exposed to a bundle of natural frequencies allowing all cells in the human body to resonate with their own frequency. After several minutes PEMF exposure cell function is completely optimized and the effect last for up to 6 hours.



Harnessing the healing power of frequencies

Used as part of a daily routine in the home rapid rest and restoration of energy and release of tension is achieved. Relaxation and healing go together. Within minutes of laying on the iMRS muscle tension and stress melt away.  PEMF application is a heatless application, therefore, all implants (except heart pacemakers) can be applied. 

PEMF permeates all cells, enhances ion exchange, normalizes circulation, and increases the oxygen utilization of the cell.

  • Normal cell potential = about 90 MV (millivolts)
  • Inflammatory condition = about 120MV
  • Degenerative condition = about 30 MV


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