Risk Modification, Avoidable Exposures and Informed Choices

The goal is to minimize the risk and maximize the opportunity for good health and wellbeing to occur. All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our daily lives. Some risks are unavoidable. Some we choose to accept. But we cannot avoid what is hidden or unknown. There are many risks that we might decide to avoid if, in fact, we are able to readily have access to the complete and accurate information known. Have you ever thought that common health issues may be avoided by making better lifestyle choices? Once we take advantage of the opportunity to become more aware, we can then benefit from more informed choices.

The Man Who Invented the 20th Century  (126 years ago)

Nikola Tesla invented 60 Hertz AC electricity and then warned us in 1886 that the artificial frequencies would prove to be one of the most dangerous things on Earth to the health of all living things.

Parliamentary Assembly COUNCIL OF EUROPE

Document 12608

Drafted 06, May 2011 and now ratified.

Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs Report: MR. Jean HUSS, Luxembourg, Socialist Group


The potential health effects of the very low frequency of electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines and electrical devices are the subject of ongoing research and a significant amount of ongoing research and a significant amount of public debate. While electrical and electromagnetic fields in certain frequency bands have fully beneficial effects which are applied in medicine, other non-ionising frequencies, be they sourced from extremely low frequencies, power lines or certain high frequency waves used in the fields of radar, telecommunications and mobile telephone, appear to have appear to have more or less potentially harmful, non-thermal, biological effects on plants, insects and animals, as well as the human body when exposed to levels that are below the official threshold value.
SUCCESS -“A few good disciplines practiced each day.”  FAILURE – “A few errors in judgment, repeated each day.” Jim Rohn


Nothing is more fundamental to our health than clean air, clean water and clean food. Today we can choose to breathe clean air, drink clean water; eat clean food; do all the right exercises; take all the right supplements; have a balanced life in terms of spirituality and still acquire disease. We have all known or heard of that one person in our community that was a living example of a healthy lifestyle. When they suddenly succumbed to a disease it appeared as a total mystery. What aspect of health could they have possibly overlooked? Could there simply be a missing link that most of the health care community was unaware of that may have played a critical role in creating an environment for disease to occur? There is a relatively unknown factor that is quickly being recognized for its profound and insidious impact on our overall health. It has many forms and different names. It’s called dirty electricity, EMF, EMR, ELF and LF. The bottom line is you’re putting your own life energy knowingly or unknowingly in the face of altering frequencies, which may ultimately create the environment for disease. Dirty Electricity is being recognized as a critical missing link for helping us understand the increasing levels for so many diseases today.

Each and every one of your trillions of cells has its own optimal frequency for health, but radiation has the capacity to disrupt that critical balance. The information now available that focuses on dirty electricity is blatantly self-evident and can no longer be ignored. Leading experts in the field are already describing it as a hidden environmental crisis. I describe it as the invisible elephant in the room.



If you think you can get away from EMF, THINK AGAIN. If you think it doesn’t impact your health, THINK AGAIN.


“Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” Andrew Weil, M.D., Leading Health Expert.


Public awareness is growing due to increasing media exposure of the dangers of EMF-radiation the new EMF products and science and experts in the field back the need for the products. As time rolls on we do become more aware of our surroundings. So now there are four new aspects that must be addressed when investigating an environment to be healthy or unhealthy. Life is energy and our environment surrounds us with energies from three sources. They are found in the air, the ground and inside buildings:


  1. Biopathic (living energies from all living things)
  2. Cosmic (energies from our planet including geopathic and other cosmic entities)
  3. Techno (energies from man made use of electricity and electronic technology) a relatively recent form of energy to affect the human environment.



We are energy beings our body’s, particularly living in a modern lifestyle, are constantly deficient in energy that can only be provided by exposure to beneficial PEMF’s. There is a new civilization sickness that I have called CHRONIC CELLULAR ENERGETIC DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (CCEDS) and this challenge can only be addressed with bioidentical electromagnetic or native earth frequencies.


Today it’s estimated we are now being exposed to a trillion times more EMF energy than our grandparents were. Electricity is no longer seen as being benign. It all started approximately one hundred twenty-five years ago with inventers like Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison. During World War II the military used higher and higher frequencies to get an edge over their enemies. The same type of energy is used in today’s microwaves. Now we are exposing larger areas and greater populations to an increasing number of frequencies and intensities. Electro Smog is the new term that is being used to describe the present conditions in more populated areas.

With North America as its base DuPont marketed the chemical solution to the world with its slogan “better living through chemistry”. We all need to become frequency smart and choose frequencies fit for our bioelectrical magnetically sensitive lives.  Medical science is still working in the chemical and mechanical frame of mind and governments give their safety assurances while we continue to see higher rates of disease. Yet the World Health Organization now recognizes electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) as a real health problem. Electromagnetic energy from outside disrupts the body’s critical balance and plays havoc with the millions of electrical impulses our body uses to regulate all cellular activity. There is no reason to fear but there certainly is good reason to understand these energies and live accordingly. Never allow fear to stop you from living but if you are stepping outside and it is raining then take a raincoat and an umbrella.


Did You Know That?

USA Today conducted a survey of 4,567 readers and reported that EMF pollution is the #1 environmental concern in America today. Epidemiological studies in Sweden by Maria Feychting showed that individuals exposed to high magnetic fields at home and at work had 3.7 times the risk of developing leukemia compared to those not exposed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviewed 50 epidemiological studies and hundreds of biological studies and acknowledges that low electromagnetic fields may increase the risk of cancer. In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B Carcinogen—a “probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs.


These unnatural energy fields, especially those produced by alternating currents operating at 60 cycles per second hence 60Htz, which the inventor, Tesla, warned us about are suspected of causing the conditions listed below:



— Sleep disorders (linked to the suppression of melatonin)

— Chronic pain, night pain and other “unexplainable” pain

— Muscle and joint pain (especially in the hips and back)

— Leg and foot pain (usually nothing shows up on X-rays)

— Chronic fatigue syndrome (sometimes linked to Fibromyalgia)

— Skin rashes and irritability

— Depression, Anxiety and Irritability

— Memory loss (difficulty concentrating, foggy-brain)

— Headaches, Dizziness and Nausea

— Ringing and other sounds in the ears (tinnitus)

— Muscle weakness, fatigue, numbness, tingling, spasms

— “Flu-like” symptoms, respiratory problems and fever




EMF has been scientifically linked to:



— The ongoing suppression of melatonin (especially at night)

— Leukemia (immune system dysfunction)

— Cancer (especially of the breast, brain and prostate)

— Damage to the blood brain barrier

— Alzheimer’s disease

— Miscarriages (interferes with mitosis)

— ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)

— Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MS-like symptoms


— Depression and Anxiety

— Hypertension (increase in blood pressure)

— Diabetes (increase in blood sugar)

— Increased absorption of mercury into the body (perhaps linked to Autism & Alzheimer’s disease)

— Thyroid problems in children (ADD/AHDD, OCD)

— Asthma, particularly in children (suppression of the immune system)



The blanket response for health problems, “take two aspirins and call me in the morning”. To be current and accurate it should now be “check and reduce your EMFs, expose yourself to the appropriate PEMFs and then call me in the morning.” With increased awareness we will see building code legislation changes requiring, as in Kazakhstan Government building wiring, EMF level restrictions.  Maybe one day like the smoke detector we will have an EMF detector in all of our indoor environments to alert us to this invisible threat.






Electrical Magnetic Field Matters

Everyone in our modern society is exposed to the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that surround all electric devices. EMFs are invisible lines of force created whenever electricity is generated or used. Power lines, electric wiring, electric equipment and appliances produce PEMFs.


Here are some of the electrical appliances that produce high EMFs:

— Clock radios (a very high magnetic field, and much as 5 to 10 mG up to three feet away)

— Hairdryers (emit EMFs as high as 200 to 400 mG)

— Cordless phones (surprisingly strong EMFs, with the new dect 5 GHz phones, even when not in use)

— Electric blankets (creates a magnetic field that penetrates about 6-7 inches into the body)

— Baby monitors

— Burglar alarms

— Microwave ovens

— Dimmer switches, fluorescent and halogen lights and even the new Government promoted energy efficient bulbs)

— Dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, tumble driers, vacuum cleaners

— TVs (signals received by TVs and FM radios)

— Computers (EMFs radiate from all sides)

— Yes, even the new Government promoted high efficient appliances emit EMFs






High Magnetic Field Readings (mG) Found Near Common Household Appliances
Recommended Exposure Limit is
1 mG

Bedroom 6 in. away 1 ft 2 ft 4 ft





Living Room 6 in. away 1 ft 2 ft 4 ft
COLOR TVs   20 8 4













Bathroom 6 in. away 1 ft 2 ft 4 ft
HAIR DRYERS 700 70 10 1



Laundry/Utility 6 in. away 1 ft 2 ft 4 ft
IRONS 20 3
VACUUM CLEANERS 700 200 50 10
SEWING MACHINES 12 chest level 5 head level




  6 in. away 1 ft 2 ft 4 ft
PC MONITORS (Color) 20 6 3


Kitchen 6 in. away 1 ft 2 ft 4 ft
BLENDERS 100 20 3
CAN OPENERS 1500 300 30 4
DISHWASHERS 100 30 7 1
MICROWAVE OVENS 300 200 30 20
MIXERS 600 100 10 1


How Do We Measure EMFs?

. There are many different meters available that measure specific aspects of the somewhat complex world of EMFs. The measuring instruments in your field should assist and not limit your understanding. Even a magician knows that even though you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist



What Does A Gauss Meter Measure?

The Gauss meter has a thin copper coil, typically with hundreds of turns. As a magnetic field radiates through the coil, it induces a current, which is amplified by the circuitry inside the Gauss meter. A Gauss meter is an instrument, which measures the strength of magnetic fields. The Gauss meter is used for measuring EMFs from power lines, transformers, substations and appliances around the home. It should be able to measure as low as .1 mg.


What Does A Graham-Stetzer Meter Measure?

First it is not a Gauss meter and GS is the acronym for Graham-Stetzer. The Graham-Stetzer meter measures voltage spikes, high frequency events in the RF (radio frequency) range, that should not be there.  Some refer to it as the EMF Pollution Meter. The Graham-Stetzer meter measures amplitude of the spikes, and how close they are together. These spikes can be viewed when using an Oscilloscope. Mathematically it is the change in voltage over the change in time (CV/CT). In short the Graham-Stetzer helps to quantify RF measurement.

This small hand held microsurge meter can be plugged into any standard electric outlet to determine the levels of EMF high frequency pollution (dirty electricity) that enters your home and office environments. This device is a very practical tool that contains special filters, which measure the harmful EMF frequencies above 60 Hz (Hertz). In most homes and offices, a large fraction of the total magnetic field is at frequencies above 60 Hz. It will also help you figure out the optimal locations to plug in your EMF filters.  Where you find the highest level of radiation you will also find the best location for your EMF filters. It is generally agreed that readings should be below 50GS units or less at 50 Hz AC (known as alternating current) for building wiring. As life changes and we introduce new electronic devices the Graham Stetzer meter along with the many other meters available, in the hands of experienced users, will help us identify the problem and the solutions required for a safer environment. The ideal level for good to average condition is 50 and below. Anything above a level of 50 is considered undesirable. The Kazakhstan government mandates a level of 50GS units or less at 50 Hz AC for building wiring. The Russians have proven to be leaders in understanding energy fields and the direct link to the health problems they create.




What practical measures should we take to create a healthier environment?

The hidden environmental crisis is no longer invisible. We are not going back to living in simple dwellings or living without modern conveniences. But we should certainly make ourselves much more aware of the very real threat to our health that dirty electricity in all of its many forms poses to all of us each and every day. The goal is to simply acknowledge the problem; identify the sources of the problem; seek out the solutions to the problem and then better manage and avoid living in harms way.


The truth of the matter is none of us is going to make it out of this human experience alive. The good news according to Albert Einstein is that “energy never disappears it just changes form.” The secret is that all of us can increase our odds for thriving instead of merely surviving by understanding the significance of frequency. With cancer rates being 1 out of 2; heart disease being… diabetes being …and so on. The odds of enjoying this human experience without suffering a disease are pretty slim. DISEASE is due to one or more deficiencies. Worldwide, the number one health complaint is LACK OF ENERGY and the second is PAIN. The human cell has the ability to do one million functions per second. Of course nothing happens without energy.  When the cells receive the appropriate forms of energy, nutrients and environment they perform daily miracles.

Many of life’s physical, mental and emotional challenges, inclusive of all physical and mental illnesses, are a reflection of a vibratory imbalance or impurity at the quantum level of our human energy field. Human cells make up the skeletal system, nervous system, muscular system, circulatory system and endocrine system. By this point most of us know that cellular health is dependant upon air, water, food but without daily exposure to pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) you will suffer from a lifetime of decreased cell functionality and healing.

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